In an attempt to mitigate some of the challenges seniors may face in navigating health insurance, the Sunshine Terrace Foundation is hosting a Medicare Seminar this week.

“With open enrollment occurring every year, there are many Medicare participants who don’t always understand exactly what their choices are. We wanted to make sure that they had a neutral place where they could come and ask questions,” said Amy Anderson, the outreach coordinator for Sunshine Terrace.

Information at the event on Wednesday will be provided by Darin Noorda, an independent adviser, and counselors from the Senior Health Insurance Information Program, which is run with federal grants through the Bear River Association of Governments.

“It’s people who don’t have a personal investment in the choice that they (seniors) make (about health insurance),” Anderson said.

Anderson said the event is to help people make the choice that is right for them. She hopes attendees will leave the event with more confidence to navigate their insurance choices.

“Especially people who are new to Medicare coverage, they may not 100% know and understand what options they have,” Anderson said.

Personally, Anderson said she has experienced these challenges as she has tried to decide whether or not an insurance option will meet her needs.

Dennis Wildman, a Sunshine Terrace administrator, helped organize the event and said he wants to help people make a choice that is more educated and less emotional.

“With open enrollment, what we have seen since 2006 is that sometimes people feel a sense of urgency and I think it is important that people look at today, tomorrow and down the road what is best for them,” Wildman said.

The workshop will be 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in the great room at the Sunshine Terrace Foundation, 248 W. 300 North, Logan.

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