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A plan for a fast-food restaurant on this lot north of the Chik-Fil-A has been approved by the Logan Planning Commission, but what restaurant is a mystery.

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The Cache Valley rumor mill loves speculation about what fast-food chains might open outlets locally, so here's something to chew on.

The Logan Planning Commission has approved a site plan for a new drive-through restaurant just north of Chik-Fil-A on Main Street, but the eatery envisioned has so far been kept secret.

Meanwhile, preliminary plans for new convenience store/gas station at 10th West and U.S. Highway 89-91 call for an in-store drive-through restaurant. In this case, however, the developers are not far enough along to have even approached any franchises.

The property at 1375 N. Main Street is currently devoted to parking. It is owned by the Reed & Kathryn Bullen Family Partnership, which controls the entire half block between Sam’s Club and 1400 North that includes the properties occupied by Chik-Fil-A, Wendy’s, Costa Vida and the soon-to-open WinCo Foods, among others.

The project was presented to the Logan Planning Commission by the Colmena Group investment company headquartered in Salt Lake City. Colmena has offered no restaurant name, but the site plan, which includes a drive-through and outdoor seating, has the look of many national fast-food locations.

Colmena representatives have not returned phone calls from The Herald Journal seeking details. The newspaper has been unable to determine whether a particular restaurant for the site has even been identified internally, but the Logan community development department indicated an announcement from the developers should be coming in a few weeks.

The design review was passed on a narrow 4-3 vote by the Planning Commission on Aug. 12 after some members questioned whether the planned 20 parking spaces on the small lot would be adequate for customers and employees. The final go-ahead hinges on a number of conditions being met involving orientation of the building, landscaping, lighting and other features.

Also receiving recent Planning Commission approval is a proposal for a combined convenience store, restaurant and gas station at U.S. Highway 89-91 and 10th West. The complex would occupy the lot on the southwest corner of the intersection where the remnants of a drive-in theater still stand.

The design gaining conditional approval on Thursday features 16 gas pumps and a 7,000-square-foot building that includes a drive-through restaurant.

Property owner Blake Dursteler said the drawings and specs presented to the Planning Commission are very preliminary at this point. One of the conceptual drawings features a Wendy’s restaurant sign on one side of the building, but Dursteler said that was only presented as an example, and should all regulatory hurdles for the project be cleared, the eatery could wind up being anything from a Wendy’s to a Subway to a Cafe Rio.

“We’re just going in and saying we think we might want to do this, and if they say yes, we’ll put a lot of time and money and effort into designing it, into finding the right partner both for the fuel and for the restaurant,” he said prior to Thursday's site-plan approval. “We talked about getting some superchargers for electric cars in there as well.”

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