Traffic cones sit idly by during the day at the intersection of 4th North and 100 East in Logan ahead of nighttime roadwork.

It’s orange-cone season in Logan — big time.

Repaving projects on two of the city’s busiest roadways, Main Street and 400 North, are now underway, and residents are being encouraged to find alternative routes to avoid congestion on the streets. This comes in addition to chip-and-seal work in other parts of town.

The 4th North project spans from Main Street east to Canyon Road, while the Main Street project extends from the “Y” split in southern Logan to 10th North. Both 4th North and Main Street are state roads under the management of the Utah Department of Transportation. The 4th North project began on June 24 and is scheduled to be complete Aug. 1, while the Main Street project is just getting started and will run through Aug. 31.

“In situations like this, a lot of people ask why we would do both of them at the same time,” UDOT spokesman Vic Saunders said. “The answer is we do the projects when the money appears in our state budget for them. The money comes in a certain year and we have to spend it in a certain year.”

Saunders said both projects involve repaving plus curb-and-gutter work, some of which is to bring intersections into compliance the the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Throughout the construction, both streets will remain open to at least one lane of traffic in each direction, but heavy congestion is expected. “We recommend people plan their travel in advance, that they look for alternate routes and not just slavishly go to the same route they’ve always used,” Saunders said.

The one saving grace for Logan motorists is that much of the work on both repaving jobs will be done at night. The Main Street work is scheduled to be accomplished entirely between the hours of 8 p.m. to 7 a.m between Sunday night and Thursday morning and 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. between Saturday and Sunday. The 4th North project will see some daytime work, but all of the street repaving is expected at night with days mostly devoted to curb work.

Saunders noted the road reconstructions have been needed for some time. “The last time we did paving work on 400 North was about 2010, and so this is due,” he said.

The roadwork will be suspended during the July 24 holiday, as it was for July 4 and the weekend that followed.

Saunders said UDOT worked with the city of Logan to get relief from local noise ordinances, and fliers were sent out in all nearby neighborhoods to prepare residents for the disruptions. But he warned those living near the construction that it will be loud and their homes could feel vibration at times.

Public hotlines and email addresses have been established for residents wanting to lodge complaints or offer other input on either project. For 400 North, the contacts are 800-292-3557 and For Main Street, the contacts are (435)213-2872 and

Charlie McCollum is the managing editor of The Herald Journal. He can be reached at or 435-792-7220.