Lincoln Bolton

Four-year-old Lincoln Bolton is recovering from injuries received when hit by a truck in Hyrum.

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After a 4-year-old Hyrum boy was hit by a truck, a GoFundMe account raised $3,450 to cover his medical expenses.

Lincoln Bolton was treated for brain injuries and road rash at Primary Children’s Hospital and is now recovering at home.

Liz Bolton said her son was playing outside and riding his bike near their home in Hyrum. When he and his friend tried to cross the street, a truck hit Lincoln.

“He was hit head-on right in the middle of the grill,” Bolton said. “His bike went under the tire, and his body landed underneath the middle of the truck without going under the tire.”

Bolton said the truck driver got out and pulled Lincoln to the side of the road. She said Lincoln was unconscious at first but woke up a few moments later.

Lincoln was taken in an ambulance to Logan Regional Hospital and was then flown to Primary Children’s to treat his brain bleed and concussion. He went home three days later.

“We’ve just been trying to follow up and make sure he’s staying safe,” Bolton said.

Bolton’s friend Ranae Blanke started a GoFundMe page to help Lincoln on his “long hard road to recovery.”

In a message on the page, Bolton wrote that Lincoln passed his cognitive and neurological evaluations and has been able to move around on his own. She also said Lincoln’s bruises and scrapes are healing quickly.

Bolton said Blanke went through a similar situation four years ago, when Blanke’s daughter was hit by a vehicle while riding her bike.

Blanke said she started the GoFundMe because she understands the challenges that Bolton and her family are going through.

“Aside from the financial load, the emotional healing to the child is extremely difficult and often life long,” Blanke said. “I don’t want her to have to worry so much about the money and just be able to pour her attention into Lincoln.”

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