Vineyard Prop 1-02

A sign in support of Proposition 1 is posted next to the construction site of the Vineyard development last week in Providence.

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Providence residents voted by more than a 4-to-1 ratio to block the development of the next phase of a mixed-density development in Tuesday’s election.

Proposition 1 in Providence failed to pass, meaning land previously annexed for the next phase of the Vineyard development will revert back to unincorporated county land. Results are currently unofficial and could be subject to change, although the proposition failed by a wide margin.

According to the preliminary results, 2,144 people voted against Prop 1 while 498 voted for it. The ballot measure was phrased so that voting “no” would block the development by undoing the City Council’s decision to annex land for the project in 2019. Voting “yes” would have upheld the annexation, allowing developers to finish the northern part of the Vineyard development.

Visionary Homes will have to start the annexation process over again if they wish to finish the development.

The Vineyard project has been a topic of hot debate for the past two years. After the Providence City Council unanimously passed annexation of the county land into their city in 2019, a citizen’s initiative was passed demanding a referendum.

The proposition was only about annexation. The southern part of the Vineyard neighborhood has already been built, and Visionary Homes can continue to build on that part of land. For the company to continue building the northern phase, a contiguous town or city will need to agree to annex that unincorporated land into a zone that supports mixed-density housing.

Jon Williams, director of communications and community outreach for Visionary Homes, told The Herald Journal the company would continue to “pursue any possibility of building the community as the layout is.”

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