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Jenilyn Needham works on a service project with her children Diana and Christian at their home on Wednesday in Logan.

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Forty days. One million acts of kindness.

Staff members at The Family Place know the goal is ambitious, but they aren’t worried about reaching it.

“We are really excited to get started officially and get counting. We really think that we live in a community that is incredibly kind already and caring,” said Amberlee Burrows, the marketing and events manager at The Family Place.

In conjunction with Gov. Gary Herbert’s announcement that the space of time between Mother’s and Father’s Day is Utah Family month, The Family Place in Logan organized the “Be Kind Utah” campaign.

From May 7 to June 16, the Family Place staff wants to record one million kind acts throughout the state.

“Our hope is this Be Kind Utah campaign is going to increase compassion in Utah communities,” Burrows said.

Burrows also said they hope the campaign increases community bonds.

“If we are looking for kindness and we are aware of it, we will start realizing it happens probably a lot more than we think it does,” Burrows said.

Jenilyn Groutage Needham, one of The Family Place board members, has already begun focusing on finding extra ways to be kind with her children.

“It just doesn’t take much to smile at someone or let someone go in front of you in the line at the grocery store,” Needham said. “It doesn’t take much to be kind, but it can affect someone’s day and it can help them have a better feeling of the way they are going about their day.”

For her 12-year-old son’s Eagle Scout Project, Needham said they will be placing boxes at businesses and other locations with paper where people can record acts of kindness.

They will also be distributing the kindness kits that can be found on The Family Place’s website to encourage families and individuals to spread kindness through their neighborhoods and homes.

“I’m hoping that we can brighten someone’s day,” Needham said. “There might be someone out there that is struggling with fighting whatever battle they are going through in that day and they just maybe need a smile and they need someone to do something kind for them.”

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