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Members of the community gathered for a Thanksgiving meal in 2020.

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Cache Coffee in Logan does more than just brew coffee. When owner Jamie Buttars is not behind the counter, he’s out in the community trying to make a difference.

Just this year “We did two fundraisers. ... We just finished up our second one. We did a fourth of July. So we lit off a lot of fireworks, we served over 500 hamburgers, 100 hot dogs, we had a live band, anybody was invited," said Buttars. "We helped get two service dogs — one for a vet one for somebody who just needed a service dog.”

Buttars also holds a Thanksgiving dinner that will be free for people wanting a meal. This is made possible by volunteers and donations.

“So we reached out to the community, and the community made it possible. We fed our foreign people (veterans) our first year. Last year we did 2,600. And then this year, I don't know how many we'll feed,” said Buttars.

The food they do not serve during dinner will be donated to fire departments, police stations, and the Whittier Community Center.

On top of all this, Cache Coffee has been making a lot of effort to support members of the community who are struggling with mental health. The coffee shop just got a gun safe so those who are not mentally in the right spot can store their guns in a safe place.

“I had a couple come in bawling because their dad just took his life the night before," said Buttars. "And we actually added their gun to the safe. So that day, I reached out to a bunch of people and I said, 'We need to fix this' Like we need to do a nonprofit or something to fix this. Because suicide is not talked about.”

Already, Buttars said they have a lot of support within the community and across the country.

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