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Devon Scott Thornock, 40, pleaded guilty to a single count of class-A misdemeanor assault during his appearance in 1st District Court on Monday; the charge was amended from a second-degree felony assault charge.

Cache County prosecutors alleged Thornock assaulted a 55-year-old man in July 2020. The alleged victim testified in a preliminary hearing that he was in a carport with friends when he bent over to pick something off the ground and was struck with some kind of object. The victim told the court he didn’t see who hit him and didn’t know what he had been hit with, but was informed later that Thornock was the assailant.

However, prosecutor Jacob Gordon told the court there were some “factual disputes” between the state and defense in the case. As part of a plea agreement, the assault charge was amended to a misdemeanor and infraction was wholly dismissed.

Thornock is set to be sentenced on Oct. 4.

Lonnie Kent Nyman, 47, and Kent Lloyd Nyman, 73, appeared in 1st District Court on Monday.

Prosecutor Ryan Holtan told the court Kent had rejected a proposed resolution from the state and was on the track to trial. A trial, however, was not scheduled as defense counsel requested a status conference in both cases.

Judge Angela Fonnesbeck set both cases for status conferences in November to allow time to sort out the court’s calendar to find room for potentially lengthy trials.

Lonnie and Kent each face multiple second-degree felonies for the alleged mishandling of funds intended for pre-need funeral arrangements. Charges were filed against both men in January 2020; they both pleaded not guilty to the charges on April 22.

Jerry Dean Rice, 53, was denied release from the Cache County Jail on Monday after pleading guilty to a class-A misdemeanor controlled substance charge.

During Rice’s appearance in court, Cache County prosecutors agreed to probation for the controlled substance misdemeanor but requested Rice be held on a prior case. Rice was charged in October 2019 with 10 first-degree felonies: five counts of sodomy on a child and five counts of rape of a child alleged to have happened over a decade ago.

Defense attorney Ryan Holdaway argued for his client’s release from jail. Holdaway said Rice’s controlled substance charge stemmed from affordable housing arrangements made to remain compliant while on pretrial supervision for the child sexual assault case in Cache Valley. Holdaway said the housing situation led to bad associations and a drug charge which was consistent with Rice’s criminal history. Holdaway said the child sexual assault case, however, was inconsistent with Rice’s criminal history and probation agents could more rigorously enforce Rice’s pretrial release.

While acknowledging the age of the allegations in the sexual assault case, Judge Angela Fonnesbeck expressed concern regarding the recent case and the “very significant” charges in the case prior, and denied Rice’s release from jail.

“I am troubled by the fact that we are here,” Fonnesbeck said.

Tracy M. Henrie, 34, pleaded guilty to amended charges on Wednesday.

Henrie pleaded to single counts of class-A unlawful detention, class-B assault and class-B domestic violence. As part of a plea agreement the remaining charges were dismissed.

Cache County prosecutor Dane Murray told the court on Wednesday that Henrie engaged in an argument with the alleged victim who then exited a vehicle piloted by Henrie. Murray said Henrie “physically restrained” the alleged victim in a way that could have caused physical injury.

Henrie was initially charged with several felonies including a first-degree count of aggravated kidnapping.

Henrie was set to appear for sentencing on Oct. 13.

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