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The Utah Department of Transportation has just granted Logan city $4.1 million for a bike and pedestrian underpass on South Main Street.

The underpass will connect more than 17 miles of east and west trail segments with new segments at the Riverwalk and Gateway developments, allowing safe transportation for pedestrians and cyclists. Construction is expected to begin in the summer or fall of 2022.

Logan Mayor Holly Daines explained the project has been in the works for the last four years and has been another “great” public-private partnership between Logan and the businesses that provided funding.

“The UDOT funding requires a 20% local match, which is $1,030,923,” Daines said. “The city appreciates the generosity of Craig Adams of Gateway Development in providing $200,000 of adjacent trail improvements and Dell Loy Hansen of Wasatch Development for providing $160,250 in donated property and trail improvements. The city will provide the remaining balance through in-kind work.”

This project consists of a 10-foot wide, 10-foot high and 100-foot long pedestrian underpass crossing Main Street (U.S. Highway 89/91) at 600 South in Logan, just north of the Logan River. 600 South will be turned into a cul-de-sac so the installation of the underpass can reroute stormwater and allow room for the installation of landscaping and sidewalks.

Daines explained that it has been a challenge to connect trails across busy sections of Main Street and she hopes this underpass will solve the issue.

It will allow traffic to continue flowing while also allowing cyclists and pedestrians faster routes without having to wait to cross intersections.

The underpass will be positioned so that it avoids conflict with the bridge crossing the Logan River and will be “critical to providing both connectivity from east to west for active transportation” along trails for pedestrian and cyclist safety.

“The new trail sections are along the river, and folks love being near the water and being outdoors, especially in the city,” Daines said. “It’s one more feature that adds to our quality of life.”

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