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Editor's note: Utah Public Radio host Kerry Bringhurst has a weekly interview with USU President Noelle Cocket. Here's how today's interview began:

KB: Some disappointing news today as you received word that the Utah System of Higher Education students and faculty are not in the lineup for vaccinations against COVID-19, for who knows how long.

NC: Well, we were actually talking about that at the Council of Presidents of the Utah System of Higher Education this morning, and it's probably not likely that higher education will get a jump on the vaccination and that it may come about just as the public is vaccinated. So, no special consideration for faculty and staff at the higher education institution.

We certainly anticipate that our faculty and staff at the university will seek out the vaccinations when those are more widely available to the public.

KB: What was the mood in the meeting?

NC: Disappointment. I mean, this is just one of the, shall we call it, arrows in our quivers on how to keep our campuses safe and keep our classes going.

A complete transcript of today's interview can be viewed here.

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