bus app

A bus drops off and picks up students on Monday at USU. The CVTD and Aggie Shuttle have a new app that provides real time info on the buses.

A new public transit app that launched this weekend allows users to access information for both Cache Valley Transit District and Aggie Shuttle bus routes.

“The big idea behind it was there really wasn’t a mobile application out there that allowed you to see the locations of both the Aggie Shuttle and the CVTD,” said Jake Hadley, the Utah State University student who designed the app.

There are other transit apps for the valley in the App Store — one for CVTD and two for the Aggie Shuttle, but the Logan Transit app Hadley designed is the only one that allows users to see real-time information and the stops for both systems at the same time. The iOS app is out now, and an Android version is expected to launch by the end of the week.

Toggle switches next to the route names in the app allow users to choose what routes they want to see on the map. This way, they can turn off ones that aren’t useful to them or see where certain routes overlap.

Todd Beutler, the general manager for CVTD, said it seems like the app will help make transit a little more convenient for people in the valley, especially students.

“It sounds like it is a concept that has a lot of potential because we have so many students that ride both Aggie Shuttle and Cache Valley Transit,” Beutler said. “To have all of that in an app is probably a good thing.”

Hadley came up with the idea for the app while he was living off-campus. He wanted a tool that would make it easier to use both the Aggie shuttle and the Cache Valley buses at the same time.

He began developing the app as a group project for one of his classes a few years ago. According to Hadley, it was a good first attempt, but the app needed some adjustments before it would be ready for public use.

Although he worked on that last summer, it still had a ways to go. He continued to think about how to improve the app and made those final adjustments this summer.

In designing his app, Hadley tried to add features he would have wanted. For example, when users click on a stop in the app, they can see all the routes that come to that stop. In the next few months, he wants to add a push notification element that users can set to alert themselves of when the bus they want to ride is getting close.

“It is meant to be something that students and Logan citizens alike can utilize to better use public transportation,” Hadley said. “We talk a lot about the environment and trying to not drive as much and using public transportation. This is a way that will enable everybody in Logan to use public transportation in an easier way.”

According to Beutler, CVTD will also be launching a new transit app in the next few weeks. Not only will the app have predictability features that give riders real-time information on bus arrival times, but the app will also integrate with Uber and Lyft. Beutler said although it does not include Aggie Shuttle routes, that could happen in the future.

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