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OGDEN — Fresh off the annual celebration of Utah’s statehood, the Utah League of Cities and Towns is on a mission to make sure the rest of the country knows — there’s no two “a’s” about it.

The League announced its “CALL ME A UTAHN” campaign earlier this month, which has been described by ULCT officials as a quest to educate the greater American public, and particularly the national media, on the correct name for the state’s citizens.

“As we commemorate Utah’s statehood, we also draw attention to an issue regarding who we are as Utah residents,” ULCT Director of Communications Susan Wood said in an email. “There are many national news organizations that continue to refer to us as Utahans, but we are not. We are Utahns, no two a’s about it.”

As part of the campaign, Salt Lake City-based market research company Y2 Analytics conducted a survey of Utah residents from June 24 to July 7 asking a simple question: What is the correct way to spell the word for someone who lives in Utah ... Utahn or Utahan?

According to the ULCT, the results were overwhelming, with 90% of the survey respondents saying “Utahn” is the correct way to refer to a citizen of the Beehive State. The survey also found that more than 95% of Utah media uses the “Utahn” spelling. ULCT also said the results crossed political and demographic lines as well, saying the people polled included Democrats and Republicans, Biden and Trump voters, citizens of rural and urban areas, and a variety of religious affiliations.

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