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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A statewide mask mandate in Utah is scheduled to expire Saturday, but some businesses and government facilities have said face coverings will be still required.

The Salt Lake City International Airport, the Utah Transit Authority and the Hogle Zoo are among those that said they would keep requiring masks and other safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic, KSTU-TV reported Wednesday.

"It is helpful for our front-line staff, most of our ticket takers; some of them, it is their very first-time job so having them be the ones trying to enforce the mask mandate, it is a lot to ask and it is a very intimidating position," said Erica Hansen, a zoo spokesperson.

"We have seen some very explosive attitudes from guests, we have had some security guards that have been abused. It has been a really tough year," she said.

Adrienne Hartvigsen, owner of Paint With a Twist in Murray, said her business will continue to require masks, social distancing and reduced capacity.

Paint With a Twist is all about creativity and escaping from the real world "where you don't have to worry about things," she said. "With masks, I think it is easier to do that because they feel safer."

Utah counties can require masks in their jurisdictions. Only Grand County has done so. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall has enacted a mask mandate on the city level.

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