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Positive COVID-19 cases are decreasing, the number of people vaccinated is increasing, and the statewide mask mandate has ended in Utah. And while many people are hoping the summer of 2021 will be better than last year, with more options for activities in public and with others, for parents whose children are too young to get vaccinated, there are still many concerns.

Daisy Velazquez lives in Smithfield and is a mother of four children ages 6 to 13. She is concerned that there is no vaccine available yet for her children. She said that puts them more at risk when going to public places, since not as many precautions are being taken by the general public.

“I think it should be fair for all, that if adults get a vaccine, children should too,” Velazquez said. “I think there isn’t still 100% trust to go to public places, where there are a lot of people because not everyone has taken the initiative to get the vaccine.”

Gabriel Lopez of Providence is the father of an infant and shared the same concerns as Velazquez.

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