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Volunteers gathered Thursday afternoon to plant trees throughout Cache Valley in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Logan Rotary Club.

“It’s 100 trees for 100 years,” said club member Candace Berthrong.

The Logan Rotary club was chartered on June 17, 1919. Since then the organization has participated in both global and local service from installing clean water systems in Peru to giving dictionaries to third graders in Cache and Rich counties.

Berthrong said the tree planting fits into the club’s mission because it is caring for the environment and serving the community.

“Trees of course help clean the air, and this valley certainly needs that,” Berthrong said.

In order to ensure the trees they planted would do well in the valley, Berthrong said they worked with experts to select the tree varieties and then purchased trees from a local nursery.

Some of the tree planting sites included the Logan River Golf Course, Firefly Park in Nibley, the North Logan Cemetery and the walking path at the Utah State University park across the street from Fredrico’s Pizza.

“A couple of years ago, we put in this walking path,” said Dane Gyllenskog, the campus arborist. “The walking path is really great, but what it really needs is some trees around it so that it’s a little more inviting and can screen some of the sound and vision off 400 North.”

Gyllenskog said he is grateful for the Rotary project because it provided the university some free trees and some of the help to plant them. Twenty-two of the 100 trees were planted along the USU walking path.

“I love trees, so any time I get a chance to plant more trees, it’s one of my favorite days,” Gyllenskog said.

Marilynne Glatfelter was one of the Rotary members leading the planting of trees at the USU park and said she enjoyed the opportunity immensely.

“It’s good to see Rotary people working with USU people, students and employees, and employees and residents of all of the other communities,” Glatfelter said. “We’re working together with the communities.”

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