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Police are looking for a man who reportedly beat a woman in an incident of road rage on Dec. 28 in Franklin County.

According to a police report, near midnight that day, Brista Satterthwaite, was followed as she was returning to her home by a small black SUV similar to a GMC Jimmy with a chrome strip along the side. The vehicle did not pass but remained close behind her vehicle as she drove up Cub River Road.

Then she noticed a deer in the roadway and hit the brakes to avoid the deer, which collided with her vehicle anyway. The vehicle behind her also came to a stop but was unable to stop in time to avoid contact. Both collisions were minor, she said.

Satterthwaite said she got out of the vehicle and asked the driver behind her if he was OK. He got out of his vehicle and came up to her and stated “Am I OK?” Then, she said, he grabbed her hair and proceeded to bash her head and face against her car door.

Satterthwaite was able to get back inside the vehicle and drive away, but said the driver followed her all the way up the canyon to her home. When she went inside her home, she said the vehicle passed her house, then turned around and then left.

Neither police nor Satterthwaite’s fiancé were able to locate the vehicle.

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