Hospital shooting

Jason Burr raises a gun toward a corrections officer in the lobby of Cache Valley Hospital moments before being shot by the officer in this surveillance video released by North Park Police.

Just days after the Cache County Attorney’s office released a full report regarding the shooting at Cache Valley Hospital in May, the North Park Police Department has released video footage obtained from the hospital during the investigation.

Two videos, both containing graphic language and images, provide a clear picture of the events that occurred in the lobby of the emergency room on May 16. One was taken from the hospital lobby; the other from the interior of the hospital.

Jason Burr entered the hospital early that Friday morning and made demands to see his doctor right away. When he was confronted by corrections officers, Burr refused to drop the two handguns. Instead, he lifted his arm and aimed one of those guns at an Adult Parole and Probation agent.

Burr was shot three times in what the county attorney’s office has called a justified shooting.

“Burr entered the ER waiting room and engaged in conduct that constituted a clear threat and extreme danger to the hospital personnel, the public at large and to Agent (Clint) Lund,” the report said.

The video shows Burr entering the lobby and approaching the window. While the audio is not in sync with events, viewers can hear Burr asking for help as he paces anxiously around the lobby.

“I want help,” he said.

A short time later, as Lund enters the lobby, Burr is seen very clearly raising his arm and pointing the weapon at Lund, who immediately fired off three shots.

Later, as he was receiving medical attention for three gunshot wounds, he begs police to shoot him. Instead, someone tried to calm him, telling him to breathe and that will get through the ordeal.

Burr was hospitalized for nearly three weeks before he was arrested, and he is now being held at the Cache County Jail.

He is scheduled to go before Judge Thomas Willmore in 1st District Court on July 30 for a preliminary hearing.


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