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OREM, Utah, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Awardco, the employee recognition and rewards company that unlocks the power of millions of Amazon rewards for any company, announced today the launch of MemoryBooks, a revolutionary way to celebrate employee anniversaries at work.

Managers and HR staff can keep track of a few employees on their own, but as an organization grows, so does the complexity of trying to remember important dates in an employee's journey with a company. That's not even mentioning the unique challenges that COVID-19 poses to organizations as they try to find meaningful ways to commemorate employees.

Although the digital revolution has brought changes to many aspects of work, celebrating service anniversaries hasn't yet been one of them.

"Passing a card around the office for a work anniversary is a tradition as old as the office itself — and it worked," said Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco founder and CEO, speaking about the release of MemoryBooks. "But just because it worked doesn't mean we shouldn't make it better, especially if we have better technology. If technology can help us remember to close the garage door or optimize our home thermostats, it can certainly help improve work anniversaries. MemoryBooks helps organizations improve employee engagement and culture without the burden of trying to remember and coordinate hundreds of anniversary celebrations."

MemoryBooks is a digital service award experience like no other and is only available from Awardco. It helps organizations by offering:

  • A digital-first experience that unlocks the power of the smart devices your employees already have with them, whether on-site or remote
  • Personalization for everyone, so participants can upload pictures, add meaningful comments about the person's influence, and even include a message from the CEO for additional impact
  • Automated reminders to ensure participants have plenty of time to celebrate moments that matter at work
  • Sharing achievements with coworkers, so everyone can see each other's MemoryBooks in their recognition feed — and add a comment if they were out of the office for the celebration

Say goodbye to messy dedicated calendars for anniversaries, spreadsheets that need manual updating, and trips to get physical anniversary and gift cards. MemoryBooks brings work anniversaries into the 21st century and into the Awardco platform that is simplifying the entire employee recognition experience.

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Awardco is the only employee recognition and total rewards platform to integrate with Amazon Business to offer the power of Amazon for any size organization's employee recognition programs. With a unique offering including millions of Amazon products streamed to the platform directly from Amazon, hotel options through Priceline, and hundreds of event ticket options, Awardco offers something other employee recognition programs can't — and we do it with zero markups. No other employee recognition program can match this offering.

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