SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Destiny Wholf, an Ohio-based nurse practitioner, received the inaugural $10,000 Dale Brunken Memorial Student Loan Payment Award. The award is named for the man who founded MGIS fifty years ago to serve the disability insurance needs of healthcare professionals.

Jeff Brunken, son of Dale Brunken, is now the company president. He introduced the award to both honor his father's legacy and combat the substantial debt 75% of medical school graduates and 83% of dental school graduates carry.

"The student loan cycle can feel endless," said Wholf. "I've worked hard my whole life, from being a teen and a mother to my younger sibling up to working and parenting full time while I studied my master's to pay off my bachelor's to do something better with my life. I'm overly excited and so blessed!"

The late Brunken's vision to support protect the incomes of healthcare professionals established MGIS as a national innovator within the $20 billion disability insurance industry. "Dale Brunken's career was a continual process of recognizing unmet needs and creating solutions," said Jeff Brunken.

In addition to establishing the award, Jeff Brunken is also spearheading disability insurance options that help repay student loans in the event of a disabling accident or illness.

"Dale passed away in 2005, well before student loan debt became the urgent issue it is today," Jeff notes. "But as he did many times before, MGIS has stepped up to address the need. My father would be proud that the company he built continues to do what he strived to do."

A select group of professionals with ties to MGIS partner Sun Life nominated healthcare professionals struggling with debt across the United States. Nominees were evaluated on their contributions to healthcare such as advocating in their communities, overcoming hardships and contributing to the medical community. Wholf stood out not only because of her devotion to social good, but also because she demonstrated considerable tenacity and drive in earning her two medical degrees.

Jeff Brunken, joined by Matt Ruskin, MGIS regional vice president and Marla Wholf, the nominating broker, will honor Destiny Wholf at a private award dinner in January 2020.

About MGIS

MGIS ( is a leading national insurance program manager that builds and manages specialized insurance programs for healthcare professionals. Since its inception by founder Dale Brunken in 1969, the company has partnered with the highest-rated insurers and focused exclusively on insurance coverage for medical practices of all sizes and types. Working with select brokers, MGIS manages insurance policies that are backed by Sun Life and certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London. MGIS is proud to provide leadership that is as vested in the caring culture of healthcare as it is in innovation.

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