Jessy Wanner comes down the track with Hadtobenuts Bob and First Element.

Preston resident Jessy Wanner and his team, Hadtobenuts Bob and First Element, placed second in the 1st Division World Chariot Racing championship last weekend in Ogden.

“What an amazing year chariot racing. Jessy Wanner has done such great things with his horses this year,” said Christa Pitcher, secretary for Wanner Rock and one of Wanner’s friends.

The team covered the track in 22.536 seconds and competed against 37 other teams. Wanner does the driving and the training for his team.

“He puts in so many hours each day from sunup to well past sundown. He has learned from several good trainers on the proper way of caring and training horses over the years. He takes it all to heart and applies what he thinks is the best way for his team. He has his own routine and schedule for his horses. If you’ve ever been to his barn you know his strict process,” said Brent Bowman, one of the team’s trainers.

Jessy and his team also ran in the first weekend of the World Chariot races in Ogden on March 16-17. In it, they won Saturday’s race with the second-fastest time of the day. Sunday they took the win with the fastest time of the day, which qualified them for the final dash on March 24, in Ogden.

“You’ve done an amazing job. We’re all very proud of you and your success,” said Pitcher, referencing his family and friends.

They expressed appreciation to the team’s sponsors: Formula 1, Noni, Blue Label, Louis Nunez, Brent Bowman, Wanner Rock, Steve Wanner and friends.