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SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Quivers, the leading commerce platform for specialty brands, today announced a new software feature in partnership with  NuORDER that allows brands to offer "Ship-to-Store (STS)" checkout options to consumers while automating the purchase and shipping process between the B2B provider and the physical retail store.

With Quivers' new Ship-to-Store capabilities in partnership with NuORDER, brands will be able to complete a transaction online, converting site visitors to customers, while offering in-store pickup—beyond the stocking position of that physical retailer and makes the physical retailer a part of the fulfillment process which helps with products that need setup/assembly.

Consumers today expect to purchase directly online from their favorite brands but also expect a variety of advanced of fulfilment options to suit their needs. Quivers' addition of Ship-to-Store fulfillment expands and rounds out Quivers' platform set of ecommerce and fulfillment options available to brands and retailers.

"In order to meet the expectations of consumers, brands need to sell online directly to consumers, and must ensure the product gets into the hands of consumers how and when they want." said Ruben Martin, Co-founder, and CEO of Quivers. "Our new Ship-to-Store capabilities with NuORDER are a big forward step to connecting all parts of the commerce ecosystem including DTC, B2B, online, and offline. It's not just about connecting it all but doing so in a radically consumer-centric way that creates a seamless experience."

"Connecting Quivers to our platform allows brands to further optimize the use of their available inventory to ship additional product to their retail partners," said Heath Wells, CEO of NuORDER. "This is another step on the way to connecting brands even closer to the retailers and, more importantly, to the end customers they both serve."

"The Quivers and NuORDER ship-to-store integration is a timely innovation from two strategic partners, which will help us meet the consumers' desire for a meaningful, local, in-store experience, regardless of our retailer's current inventory position," said Sam Cook, Chief Commercial Officer, Tecnica Group North America. "Quivers' newest ship-to-store feature adds to an already robust set of fulfillment options and ensures our brands will continue to deliver the richest, most modern, consumer-first experience possible—while simultaneously working even more collaboratively with our committed, independent retail partners."

Quivers + NuORDER Ship-to-Store

The new Ship-to-Store feature is available currently with the NuORDER Ship-to-Store App, in the Quivers Admin Panel, powering specialized STS fulfillment connected to NuORDER's leading B2B commerce platform.

To set up the NuORDER app, the brand must authenticate with their NuORDER account by providing API credentials and authorizing the Quivers application in their NuORDER account. Once authorized, the brand can map the retailers in Quivers to wholesale buyer accounts in NuOrder. Brands can also set a "delivery estimate" for when STS orders will become available for pick-up by the consumer. Once set up, the brand can enable Ship-to-Store fulfillment linked to specific online storefronts in Quivers.

The Ship-to-Store fulfillment option will populate for a consumer during checkout based on a product being out-of-stock at the retail level, but in-stock in the brand's NuORDER account. If the customer selects Ship-to-Store, Quivers will create a purchase order on behalf of the selected retailer in NuORDER. Once the brand fulfills the NuORDER purchase order, the retailer can release the item for pick-up by the consumer.

As specialty brands come to realize that they need to help guide and convert their ever-increasing consumer traffic to customers before sending them off their website, brands are also realizing that DTC fulfillment isn't a universal solution to every transaction. Consumers often want and expect local delivery and service, making Ship-to-Store a valuable tool for brands, allowing consumers to complete the transaction online but also make the product available for pick up—beyond the physical retailers existing stocking position.

This new product offering from Quivers and NuORDER will enhance brands' commerce stack functionality and significantly improve the way brands and retailers approach omnichannel commerce together.

To learn more about Quivers' new Ship-to-Store capabilities please visit or request a demo.

About Quivers

Quivers is the leading commerce platform for specialty brands. Quivers lets brands sell products on their website while sharing the fulfillment of those orders with physical retailers. Quivers bridges the gap between online and offline shopping. Quivers helps brands increase sell-in, reduce stock-outs, and ship faster and more efficiently. The Quivers platform will improve a brand's ecommerce performance online, letting a brand offer the very best shopping and fulfillment experience to consumers, while also maintaining a healthy, profitable B2B business. For more information, please visit


ABOUT NuORDER: NuORDER is the leading B2B platform powering commerce and discovery. With innovative technology and data driving processes at its core, the platform creates greater efficiencies and a seamless and more collaborative buying and selling process for the world's leading brands and retailers. NuORDER delivers a global commerce solution offering Virtual Showroom technology, visual assortment and merchandising tools, payments and data integration. Connecting more than 3,000 brands and more than 700,000 retailers, the platform has become a global ecosystem driving discovery and marketplace. The platform was engineered with flexibility and scale in mind, processing over $40B in GMV. It empowers businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level technology on a global scale. Founded in 2011 by Heath Wells and Olivia Skuza, NuORDER is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York City, Milan, London, Paris and Australia. Through fearless innovation and premiere service, NuORDER is revolutionizing B2B commerce. For more information, please visit

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