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SALT LAKE CITY, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Constantine Linardakis, under the influencer brand name TwinPlayz on YouTube®, is a much sought-after content creator, programmer and gamer of the Roblox® Studio. He has been cheered as helping create a variety of popular games such as Cocoa™, Ninjago Tycoon™ and others. Using such scripting languages as LUA, he is also knowledgeable in JAVA Script, HTML, CSS, and he crafts as a Roblox development member. TwinPlayz announces the creation of new weekly free instructional video content. TwinPlayz has become a popular gaming instruction resource and demonstrates each topic of game creation, through detailed "how to" instructional videos. Constantine's approach has been to educate beginners and others on the use and development of games.

"The idea is to create a safe digital world, using this development platform," says Constantine Linardakis, TwinPlayz YouTuber and Independent Programmer. Constantine says, "I want others to share in my own experiences, and to learn by being hands-on. Taking our imagination and being able to build something unique is limitless on these platforms. I'm especially pleased that there was a recent public offering on the stock exchange. This will provide more programmers like myself with additional visibility, investment opportunities, and more." He highlights collaboration as the key, "Game development can be very costly, now we can share technology, and understand open innovation—being able to offer others my talents and skills, allows me to access and utilize their talents and skills, it's a win-win for everyone." Says Constantine with his trademark smile.

As content on certain games are violent, others are very clean, and many avoid violence altogether. The balance of creating games with interest and spirit to engage the users and also learn something in the process. Parents hesitant in allowing children to play certain games can review the channels and see what is fitting. Content creators challenge themselves and are pleased with enough subscribers to make it entertaining and answer any questions, for interaction with others, on a personal level. These play challenges allow users to have a wholesome interaction, whether overcoming scary and difficult obstacles, it allows for the creative moments and some laughter in overcoming some fears, maybe even collectively.

Constantine describes with enthusiasm why he loves teaching techniques on his TwinPlayz tutorials, "I usually let people know that there are three advantages to becoming a game developer. For me, these are paramount: 1. Learning, 2. New Opportunities, and 3. Money. It is that simple. That's why I enjoy programming so much, and I get to meet incredible people along my journey."

Programmers are now sought after as hired resources, so that some individuals can concentrate on storylines, while another programs the interactions, and others can focus on gameplay. Constantine Linardakis, at only 16 years old, has been programming for a number of years now, and has developed quite a cult following. Scripting, pathfinding, and providing hours of work, but showing others how it is done in minutes. This is what he is known for as an evolving expert promoting his TwinPlayz tutorials. Each video walks through the steps, limitations and expansions of programming—so that he teaches others how to get through difficult developments with more ease and understanding.

"These hardworking gamers and entrepreneurs who have a wonderful and engaging commitment to creating their art—an interactive game. And if it is used by thousands and millions of other players, this recognition brings satisfying benefits beyond their own gaming experience. Their innovation helps foster creativity, in storytelling, in graphic design, and in personal interaction—listening to others and understanding the importance of the physical, mental and neuro-psychological play." Says Dr. Nikos Linardakis, Constantine's father and a medical doctor—his most impressed fan. "Professional gamers and developers like Constantine continue to grow in a healthy way. This platform brings in an educational component for everyone, and also drives commercial products in a more productive light. Rather than just creating a game for financial gain. His TwinPlayz tutorials continue to have a positive effect on the vast majority of its users."

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is the world's largest nonprofit organization to serve individuals who create these games. The Entertainment Software Association is also in the video game industry. These and other gaming organizations are continually monitoring the benefits of interactive play.

TwinPlayz™ demonstration videos teach and share these values:

1.    Learn to generate content and form unique games, by learning coding fundamentals and design

2.    How to use the safe online mix of technical tools, chat filters, and moderation to promote a safe experience

3.    Being able to access millions of possible experiences with available platforms

4.    Learn quick game development tips

5.    Interact directly with other players and build a lasting community

"TwinPlayz founder Constantine Linardakis has the programmer's drive to succeed, and we need to help that growth, that creativity will jumpstart new games in the future," Says a fellow gamer and developer. Comments expand and it all relates to having a great time with gaming, as another fan comments, "Fun fact: TwinPlayz is cool."

About TwinPlayz (Constantine Linardakis)

Teen Constantine Linardakis has been programming games for the last five years, and has developed TwinPlayz as a new educational YouTube® channel to learn game development. View TwinPlayz™ tutorials at YouTube®: and his gaming site:

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