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OREM, Utah, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Unicity International, a leader in metabolic health solutions, has been issued a US patent for an innovative process in its OmegaLife-3 Resolv supplement: US Pat. No. 10,624,907 B2. Unicity International R&D scientists submitted the patent application on April 12, 2017.

The patented method is designed to increase the production of resolvins in the body without the negative side effects that can accompany other sources, including some prescription and over-the-counter medications. Resolvins are compounds derived from omega-3 fatty acids, and they are widely known for their ability to promote healthy inflammation levels. 

"The patent process is not an easy one—we know this as we have patented other Unicity products and formulations," says Unicity Chief Operating Officer Dan Hughes. "I'm proud of our Unicity science team. Their perseverance and innovation led to an omega-3 supplement that is more effective and can help the user live a better life." 

Omega-Life 3 Resolv also contains Unicity's patented Genomeceutical blend of wintergreen, L-arginine, and vitamin E acetate—a blend designed to support proper gene expression. 

"We wanted to create a supplement that could not only provide traditional omega-3 supplement benefits but also the benefits that come from resolvins," said Dan Hughes. "Resolvins can help the body promote healthy inflammation levels and, by extension, improve metabolic health. At Unicity, we aim to help people establish and maintain good metabolic health, and so we ensure that our products reflect that mission."

To learn more about this patent and the science behind Omega-Life 3 Resolv, visit www.unicity.com for more information.

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