ODD Bear In Tree

In this photo provided by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, a 2-year-old bear peers down from a tree in Orem, Utah, Wednesday.

OREM (AP) — Utah police used their vehicle sirens to drive a 2-year-old bear up a tree after its presence in a northern Utah town caused traffic delays Wednesday morning.

State Division of Wildlife Resources spokeswoman Faith Heaton Jolley said division personnel then were able to tranquilize the bear and catch it in a large net when it fell out of the tree.

Jolley said the brown-colored black bear was placed in a trap in the bed of a pickup truck and driven to the Wasatch Mountains, where it was released. Pictures show him jumping out of the truck and running away.

Jolley says it is unusual for a bear to be roaming city streets that are several miles away from mountains east of the city where wildlife biologists think it came from. The bear caused traffic delays on the busy Orem intersection.

“Who says you have to go to the mountains to see a bear,” Orem police wrote on their Facebook page. “Maybe instead of your next trip to the zoo, you can just come to the police station to see some wildlife.”

While officials were eager to get the bear off the streets, others expressed regret at missing their chance to meet him.

“Really sad I didn’t get to see that bear,” wrote Twitter user Jake Crowder.