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Yale Avery Benson September 5, 2001 - October 20, 2019 "Yale, you're picky," asserted an older brother. "I only want the best," returned seven-year-old Yale, with characteristic matter-of-factness. Yale Benson did want the best, and it wasn't just that he loved good apples, Pilot G2 pens with black ink, or could discern subtle differences in the quality of, or performance on, a particular drum; Yale's expansive hopes for a better world led him to want the best for everyone. And in return, was loved and admired by all who knew him - or knew of him. Brilliant, modest, and kind, Yale's successes made everyone a winner: his strategic leverage of individual strengths made him a desirable dodgeball teammate; his non-threatening math explanations led many fellow students into understanding and improvement; his fairness and consideration for others commanded the admiration and respect of teachers and classmates alike. Yale Avery Benson, the fourth of Nathan and Sharalen Benson's five sons, was born in Logan on 5 September, 2001. Yale worked hard toward high school graduation, and three years early (and still a rosy-cheeked youth), graduated from Mountain Crest High School to the surprise and delighted cheers of faculty and schoolmates. At the time of his death, Yale was a junior at USU, where he took a staggering class load and audited additional courses. Classmates and instructors appreciated Yale's insights, which arose from his photographic memory, clear rational assessments, and deep sense of humanity. Yale was witty - a master of understatement - and he loved the beauty arising from authenticity. Contemplative and gentle, Yale was conscientious about following his parents' counsel, and he expressed disillusionment with pettiness and trivial pursuits. To cope with the heaviness of the world's pain, he used his gift for research, to study out problems and seek solutions. Yale's gifts and accomplishments did not eliminate his vulnerabilities and private fears. During a year of respite, Yale researched and practiced to overhaul his illegible handwriting into beautiful penmanship. A generous neighbor offered the use of his prized drum set and three months of lessons. Though Yale progressed quickly, he had no interest in joining a band; those hours he spent playing were a personal release. His passion for music grew and expanded from singing with his clear, unaffected voice, to attending weekly jazz nights; from composing his own music to experiencing the highly experimental compositions of others. Despite miracles and the best possible medical care, Yale Benson passed from this life on Sunday, October 20, 2019. He was surrounded by his brothers, Atticus, Liam, Sander, & Asa Benson; his parents, Nathan & Sharalen Benson; and other beloved friends and family members. A tremendous outpouring of love has been expressed through calls, visits, texts, and countless prayers from people across the country. Yale's attempt to divert attention from himself might begin with a quotable "disclaimer," but all who knew and loved Yale will be forever affected by his life and untimely death. Hopefully each memory of Yale will prompt a greater resolve to make the world better through offering compassion and love, whether pain is apparent or private. Funeral services are under the direction of Allen-Hall Mortuary and will take place Saturday, October 26, 2019, at the Mendon LDS church chapel, 20 North 100 West, beginning at Noon with a viewing prior from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Condolences may be expressed online at .

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