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Lai Tiew December 20, 1953 - November 11, 2020 Lai Tiew, on November 11, 2020, a loving husband, father, and grandfather passed away late Wednesday evening at the age of 66. December 20, 1953, Siem Reap, Cambodia was blessed with the birth of Lai Tiew. In 1984, Lai and his loving wife, Hout, along with their first two children, fought against all odds and escaped from the Khmer Rouge sailing the seas to the land of the free where Lai and Hout happily expanded their family. They were blessed with raising their two daughters Sola and Sandy and four sons Chorn (Jon), Jason, Janee, and Jim in the safety of the US. Lai was a man of very few words but when speaking demanded such presence in offering his great wisdom. Family time meant the world to Lai. He cherished fishing, camping, and watching his grandchildren. His life revolved around family. From the early struggles, Lai was the bandage that healed all wounds. Lai was proceeded in death by his two sons Chorn and Jason. He is survived by his wife Hout and his four children Sola, Janee, Jim, and Sandy.

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