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To the editor:

     In Idaho’s wolf hunt, traps do not have to be checked for up to 72 hours. Wolves could suffer for three days. Remember the pups are just 4 to 5 months old; they are unable to care for themselves without the pack. Hunters can use traps (leg hold), snares and archery. Wyoming wants unregulated wolf killings, pups in dens, pregnant females shot on sight. What the hell? This is unjust!

    We believe that Congress violated the U.S. Constitution when Sen. John Tester used a rider to overturn the federal court’s decision. We will not allow the fate of endangered species to be determined by politicians serving special intents. These decisions must be based on science. Congress has never before removed a species from the ESA list by political fiat.

   Wyoming has “shoot on sight,” Idaho enacted open massive hunting, same with Montana, This ecologically important species is being unfairly targeted out of ignorance and intolerance and now lacks a federal shield. We must speak out for wolves! It’s even more imperative now! Visit Defenders of Wildlife, Earth Justice and Howling for Justice to help now!

Tracy Swenson


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