Jr. Trash Club

A sign seeking volunteers for the “Jr. Trash Club” is visible on a bridge across the Field Canal at 4th West and Center Street in Logan. Pieces of litter are visible on the bank of the canal, just below the sign.

Kids these days ...

Bet you thought that sentence was going to end with a complaint about young people spending too much time on their phones, filling their heads with violent images from video games, lacking good manners or not knowing the value of a dollar, etc.

Well, kids can surprise us, and a good example of that was on display this week at 4th West and Center Street, where what’s known as the Field Canal passes through central Logan. Much to the delight of residents in the neighborhood, the canal provides habitat to many ducks and other wildlife, but it also attracts a lot of trash.

The sign shown here was posted on a bridge across the canal, where a family of mallards has been living this summer and where a lot of trash and debris now litter the banks.

The “Jr. Trash Club” is seeking community help in cleaning up the trash and has adopted one of the mallards, “Droplet,” as its mascot.

Let’s hope this news item helps the club attract more volunteers and, perhaps more importantly, raise awareness about keeping our town and waterways clean.