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Editor’s note: Frank Smith, a resident of unincorporated Cache County, submited these photos along with the following short commentary. We decided to present them together as a “Soapbox” column:

Everyday in Cache Valley and across America beautiful productive agricultural land is being rezoned commercial, industry, or housing. The photos above were taken between Nibley and Hyrum, within the Nibley city 2018 annexation master plan. In 50 years if there is no protection for agricultural land in Cache Valley we may end up looking like †he Salt Lake area. Is this good planning? Do you think Cache Valley was meant to be urbanized?

This really upsets me. If it bothers you, contact the Bear River Land Conservancy, The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, or some other conservation group that protects agricultural land and see if there is anything you can do to stop this. Once it is gone, its gone.

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