My name is Kimberly Jo Moore. I have lived in Logan for 27 years. I was raised in sweet Soda Springs, Idaho, still my second home. I am a retired nursing assisstant, a wife, a stepmother, grandmother, daughter, sister, animal lover, and a Christian. I have old-fashioned values, wish everyone did, love to hand-sew, read, and I love food that people ate on the farm 50 years ago.

A story that I would like to relate without going into much detail is when I was 9 years old something very unusual happened to me. I survived the experience, but after that I knew there is much more to this life than we really think about. A person’s life does not end when they technically die. They go to another place similar but much more beautiful and fulfilling than this earth, and they are still very much alive and surrounded by people they love and that love them. Also, we are brought into this life for many reasons. Along with the hardships of this earthly life, we are also very much entitled to the joys of this life and should appreciate them. Carry on, do your best, love others and you will be blessed beyond what you can even imagine.

Logan is a very special town, and I feel blessed to live here. The city workers keep the town and the parks spotless and beautiful. The majority of people here are kind, friendly, and people I feel very comfortable around. There are so many fun activities and social gatherings all throughout the year for people of all ages and faiths.

The one thing I would say I would change here is to tell people to consciously work on being more patient and slow down a little when driving their vehicles. Life is busy and we often get in a hurry and distracted. But what happens when we seriously injure or even take the life of someone? Life gets a lot more stressful. When you are in a residential neighborhood and/or a school zone, comply with the 25-mph or less speed limit and be considerate of pedestrians (including children and animals). If you purposely drive carelessly and injure someone or take their life, you and only you are accountable for that.

To make the world a better place, I would ensure that every human being that is brought into this world be loved, cared for, taught kind and loving values and know that they are cherished, unique and serve an important purpose to the world.

My special message to my fellow citizens would be slow down a little, enjoy the simple moments and joys in life, take joy in the beauty that surrounds us, be especially kind to the disabled, the children, the elderly and the animals. Know you are an important part of a greater destiny but enjoy the life you live now.