I’m a day late, but a big salute to all veterans. What a nice day to take time and ponder what these men and women have done for our nation and the world in general.

I’m old enough to remember WWII, and I had many cousins and relatives who fought for liberty in that conflict. Some gave their lives. It seems that during my days here upon this earth there has always been a “war” going on somewhere.

With today’s super weapons, war is waged with bombs and missiles more than person-to-person combat, but it’s still war. The church I attend has a book, The Book of Mormon, that gives accounts of wars many, many years ago. Perhaps it will always be that way, good vs. evil, the bad and the sad vs. the happy and glad. I love the song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”

I vividly remember the air-raid siren that blew in our town of Magna. They tested it each week, I think on Sunday afternoon about 1 o’clock. It only blew longer than that if there was a real fire and it was calling all of the volunteer firemen to drop whatever they were doing and come to the station house. We kids would bike down to Main Street to see where the firetruck was headed, or the two firetrucks if it was a major fire.

One day it blew and blew and blew, and both the firetrucks dispatched and drove down Main Street. My friend Joe and I and some others in the neighborhood jumped on our bikes and followed the trucks. Sadly, we could also see black smoke billowing up near Cyprus High School. We had to keep back, of course, away from the site, but the fire kept burning and putting out a big cloud of black smoke and flames. Cyprus Junior High was aflame … and it burned to the ground.

The firemen concentrated on saving the high school, which they did. Many parents and others were weeping as they watched the junior high school turn to a pile of rubble.

My sister Collen was in junior high then, and we learned in a few days that the students from Cyprus Junior High would be transported by bus to Garfield Junior High until further notice. Cyprus was the only junior high and high school west of the Jordan River, except for the school in Bingham. Both Bingham and Garfield no longer exist. They were “company towns” and residents rented their homes. Brockbank Junior High was built and a new junior high in Granger, and I attended both Brockbank and Cyprus. Today’s there’s another new Cyprus High, much larger. Two or three high schools are in the now West Valley and Bingham, South Jordan areas. Life goes on and Utah’s population keeps multiplying.

Turning to a totally different subject, did you watch the special program about Marriner S. Eccles? It was on KUED a couple of weeks ago. I suspect they will rerun it if you didn’t see it. I knew who he was, and anyone who knows Logan’s History knows about the Eccles, but there were so many other interesting facts in this program that I did not know. I’m going to get a book about him and learn even more.

Go down Center Street in Logan and you’ll see the Eccles Mansion in the Historic District. The bank building on the corner of Center and Main was originally a First Security Bank, one of the many in Utah and nearby states operated by the Eccles family.

Now, speaking of money, a judge who has a show on TV, Judge Judy, which I never watch, is the highest paid TV star in Hollywood, making $147 million (yes million) annually. That is $900,000 per work day if you’re wondering. This was in American Profile in a recent edition of this newspaper! By the way, she eats an Egg McMuffin for breakfast and she likes to play gin rummy. Now you know everything! Well, at least more than you knew before.

Ken Petty, a neighbor down the road, sends me interesting emails regularly. He sent me one recently entitled “Today’s Wisdom.” Here are a few of the tidbits he sent:

“If my body is ever found on a jogging trail, just know that I was murdered somewhere else and dumped there.” “Respect your elders, they graduated from school without the internet.” “Behind ever angry woman stands a man who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.” “My decision-making skills closely resemble those of a squirrel when crossing the road.” “Camping is where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person.” “I always thought that getting old would take longer.” “A wise man once said … nothing!”

Now back to something more serious. I want to pay tribute to Jennie Christensen, who retired last year from KVNU. She is an icon in Logan broadcasting history. I always listened to her while getting ready to go to work at USU (and USAC before that). When I was an elected official, she invited me to be on a few of her call-in shows, and people did call in with their opinions — some pro, some con, but all callers were courteous.

We watched a great video the other night featuring another icon, Sidney Potier, in “The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn.” What a wonderful story about a man who made big differences in many lives.

Do you ever think Logan will “move” the Logan City Cemetery, which now sits in the middle of the fastest growing portion of USU’s campus? We have plots there, and I’ve often joked with my kids that I wanted to be near Aggie Ice Cream. Will we eat in the life after this life? I guess we will all just need to wait and see what happens in the next phase of our existence. No offense to non-believers. But I do like ice cream and those little frosted Circus Cookies. I told Jane to be sure to put some in my coffin.

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