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To the editor:

I am a Christian conservative. When coronavirus hit, I adjusted my behavior and responded intelligently. When laws of physics and a world of evidence revealed greenhouse gas emissions to be a problem, I adjusted my behavior and responded intelligently. When I saw before my eyes and felt within my lungs that Cache Valley has a health degrading air pollution problem, I adjusted my behavior and responded intelligently. I’m healthier for it and so are my neighbors. Even though it doesn’t do much good if only one person, or one city, or one state, or one country behaves like Jesus Christ while everyone else in the world is acting with reckless disregard for others’ well being, I take responsibility for my own behavior and behave like a Christian anyway. Christianity takes a leap of faith in others. I have faith that my selflessness will one day come back to benefit me, and then I’ll send it out again to benefit you.

How might Jesus have healed people? Perhaps he taught them how not to make themselves sick in the first place? There are practical things one can do to, if not solve, relieve problems in this world. Why aren’t we doing those things? Such as wearing masks in public while coronavirus is at large. Such as switching to non-polluting vehicles. Such as switching to non-polluting electricity. Such as switching to non-polluting home heating.

Not saying I’m typical but I’m getting less atypical every day. Since 2008, like everyone, I’ve spent a few thousand dollars on gasoline, home heating fuel, electricity from coal fired power plants, and airline tickets. I might have spent another hundred plus thousand dollars on even more coal fired electricity, on a new gasoline powered car, on replacing my natural gas furnace with a new gas furnace, and on replacing my natural gas water heater with another gas water heater. Instead, though, I bought solar panels, a plug-in hybrid electric car, an electric heat pump furnace, an electric heat pump water heater, and several electric landscaping devices. Through these choices, I’m saving money, contributing less to local air pollution, reducing my greenhouse gas emissions, and enjoying better health. Based on Adam Smith economics and Christian morality, where do you think the future is headed? Toward oil and coal? Or toward renewables?

My goal, which I think is a Christian goal, is make the transition from fossil carbon energy to renewables as gradual as possible and still get to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Can the USA do better? Yes. Because of you.

Charles Ashurst


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