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To the editor:

I’m Keegan Garrity, candidate for Logan City Council. In a few days, the ballots will be tallied and we will have a new council. Before that occurs, I want to express my thanks and share some things I’ve learned. First off, what a privilege it has been to have an understanding family, some flexibility in my schedule, and a few extra dollars I could put toward a campaign! I recognize many qualified people aren’t able to run due to circumstances beyond their control. Running a citywide campaign has been educational. Inevitably, there have been moments where my identity has been reduced to my age, my address, and my perceived political party alignment (in a non-partisan race, mind you). However, the challenges associated with misplaced judgement have been eclipsed by the deep gratitude I feel for those who believed in me enough to sacrifice their time, money, and reputation to lend their support. As I’ve walked 38 miles and spent over 25 hours knocking on strangers' doors, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the conversations I’ve had. I now realize that many weren’t strangers at all. I’ve identified multiple mutual connections, and in one case I’ve become acquainted– or possibly reacquainted– with long-lost relatives. This community unites us all. I’m convinced that most of our problems could be solved with a face-to-face dialogue, sharing perspectives and listening to one another's viewpoints.  When it’s all said and done, I can say – to borrow a phrase from our neighbors down under – I was fair dinkum about my campaign. Thank you.

Keegan Garrity


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