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To the editor:

I am a lifetime Aggie fan. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the many student athletes, for their dedication and efforts in their respective sports. I can’t say that for the athletic director and the USU president who approves of his suggestions. A few years ago coach Gary Anderson came and started a program that had great success over several years. His success led him to different places, and coach Wells took over and was successful through a number of years. Coach Wells moves on and Gary Anderson returns and the team goes to a Bowl game. 2020 comes and the spring is cancelled by COVID-19 and the fall season is cancelled. Then the season is brought back, and USU is scheduled to open with the three top teams in the league. Hard losses. The coach is fired by a AD who doesn’t have his back. The search is begun and during that search Coach Blake Anderson is found.

“If” coach Maile was not considered because of his religion and that he is Polynesian that’s “Slap in the Face one.” I used to attend the football games and the basketball games with my small pocket radio and earphones and got good play by play by expert local announcers from a local radio station. “Slap in the face two.” John Hartwell goes to another radio station out of Salt Lake with the president’s approval. Now my little radio can’t get the signal anymore. Part of that slap is to the local business and loss of advertising.

I support the students athletes for all they do, but I don’t support the AD and the advice he gives the president. For coach Blake Anderson who the AD shows respect for, I say to watch your back or you could be “slap in the face 3.”

William Reading


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