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To the editor:

Religious fanaticism breeds religious discrimination, as demonstrated by the idiocy of the 26 religiously prejudiced MEN and a complicit governor bereft of reality and ignorant of the law by creating this monstrous abortion legislation. Religious fanatics are using religious discrimination to enact an illegal law without a single Christian or sincere religious person in the bunch. These sick religious groups demonize religion by attempting to enact law to force their abusive religious practices and beliefs upon differing minds.

If you don't believe in abortion, fine, but do not deny freedom of choice to others who believe otherwise. My body is my own; no one tells me what to do with it or forces me to obey a farcical law that screams “religious discrimination.” Why don’t we women force legislation upon men to have their testicles removed when they rape, sexually abuse children, commit and force incest, commit unprotected sexual practices or practice repeated adultery with anyone other their wives. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” 

As a Roman Catholic, I was gratefully and wisely raised by parents, priests and nuns who taught me to respect the practice of all religions and its practitioners. It is not who, how or what you worship, but only that you worship freely and by personal choice. Religious choices should never ever be subjected to the whims and hysterical, distorted beliefs that some religious cretins try to force upon those who worship differently. These fanatical morons practice warped religious ideology and are religious extremists NEVER in any way, shape or form religiously superior to other faiths or worshippers.

After 84 years of living, I believe them religiously soulless and a royal pain in the rear end. To these malignant haters, I say go back to your place of worship and pray long and hard for forgiveness for using your religion as a discriminating tool to disenfranchise women’s rights.  You defame the true meaning of religion and religious beliefs; you shame and demonize the religion you follow and insult devout worshipers.  But most and worst of all, you offend the Supreme Being of every religion with your demonic and unnatural behavior.

Abortion is the personal decision of women adopting a health choice that is lawfully theirs to exercise. It is NOT the right of religious fanatics to force or dictate women’s body choices and who use deviant religious beliefs and hatred to achieve their twisted ends.  Freedom of choice and religion are personal, individual and freely allowed, including by law.  Hey, 26 stupid men and ignorant governor, shove your religious fanaticism in your ear or up your “otherwise” (get my drift?).

Carol A. Zic