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To the editor:

It’s time for the USA to open its eyes and see a most obvious pattern before us.

When ancient Israel sank into sexual perversion and baby killing (homo sexuality and burning babies in sacrifice to Baal), they were destroyed, not once but all three times they went into such immoral behaviors.

Germany was soundly punished when it performed the Holocaust against innocents. The USA, in its worship of the gods of convenience and pleasure, has committed 70 million abortions (which equals 11 Holocausts!) against our own most innocent, vulnerable unborn citizens.

Shall we escape judgement? I think not. Perhaps if/when we repent and change our behavior, this present destructive plague will cease. Perhaps Jehovah will account for those 70 million young lives by taking 70 million of those who paid for that slaughter, organized and performed it.

When certain clerical leaders ask us to fast to stop the plague but do not call us to repentance and change from perversion and murder (really, to be saved in our sins, not FROM our sins), they’re not following the prophetical model and discipline from the Bible. But they are being politically correct/popular.

Geoff vonGermeten


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