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To the editor:

I am writing in support of the Dual Language Immersion program at Hillcrest Elementary. Once again, the program is in danger of being discontinued by the Logan City School Board. Currently, I have three children in the program. One is a part of the initial DLI class that began in second grade. She is currently a freshman at Logan High. This “battle” to continue the DLI program has been ongoing for years. To say we parents are tired of the “fight” is an understatement. In the beginning, we were encouraged to enroll our children, to not give up, to maintain our years long commitment, as the program wouldn’t work if students didn’t continue. So we did. We are now on year eight of the DLI experience, and I can say with absolute certainty that it works. It has produced all of the benefits we were promised and more. It has been a benefit both academically and socially. So what I cannot understand, is why a program that produces such outstanding results, continues to be on the “chopping block?” I know there are parents and teachers who are against this program. I know they each have their reasons. The DLI program is not a perfect fit for every child. Education should never be a “one-size fits all” approach.

But there is also a large group of families and teachers who love this program and hope it can continue. In fact, many families will be going elsewhere if this program is discontinued. Logan City Schools NEED more students. DLI programs are offered throughout the state, and many parents seek out this educational experience for their children. In the past few years, we have seen many parents opt to send their children to the county schools, even while living in Logan boundaries. Logan Schools desperately needs opportunities that will attract students from around the valley. The DLI program is just one of these options that can bring more students to our schools.

I am in full support of the Portuguese DLI at Hillcrest Elementary. The faculty and staff are outstanding, and have the DLI and non-DLI classes working well together, each supporting the other. Dual Language Immersion can only be a benefit to our children, schools and community. We should embrace these opportunities for our children.

Candie Miller


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