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To the editor:

I was listening to the Star Spangled Banner this morning and I had an epiphany which I will shortly elaborate on. Besides being classified as a “freaking nut,” “an old man” (guilty as charged), having “a small little brain,” being a “xenophobic idiot too stupid … ad nauseum,” and “obviously not in touch with reality,” I have written before about the dangers of liberalism and the abject ignorance associated with it. The deadly cancer of socialism has resulted in a massive “glass darkly” which renders those under its evil spell hateful to the core and completely powerless to see their own blindness.

Now on to my epiphany. Those of you “seasoned citizens” who remember way back to the TV show “All In The Family” will remember Archie’s’ son-in-law Meathead. Now Archie was a real bigot but Mike (the Meathead) was a liberal. I remember when Mike was blasting the National Anthem and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. Today it became crystal clear, and the answer is in the fourth verse. Rather than use up 78 of my 450 words this month, I refer those of you who care for this country to look it up and sing it at the top of your voice. Let those words sink deeply into your soul and you will see why liberalism is so insidious and pure poison to our republic. It creeps into the liberal mind and clouds any tether to truth. Prayer is taken from schools, abortion becomes birth control, the justice system becomes multi-tiered, the politics of personal destruction reigns supreme, the rule of law has been neutered favoring the privileged, the divinely inspired Constitution is under active assault, the family as the backbone of America has been shredded, the Jewish population is relentlessly under attack as has become fashionable to denigrate Christians and on and on and on. At the core of it all is a morbid desire to take our Heavenly Father and His Son out of our lives and rely on their own pitiful “arm of flesh.”

Those of you who are obsessed with your hate need to understand something very salient. These “unwashed, brain dead, smelly Wal-Mart shoppers that cling to their guns and their religion” still believe in our heavenly roots. We elected Trump. He is not an overly religious man but he is the only man that could stand up to liberalism’s relentless bogus attacks.

To summarize my epiphany, I invite you to look closely at the current crop of Democratic presidential wannabes. Will they stand between their loved homes and socialism’s desolation? It’s highly doubtful since they don’t even understand that we are not a democracy nor the public breast to be sucked to death.

David B. Kerr