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To the editor:

I propose a different view of recent events, perhaps a view that few will agree with. We’ve all witnessed bickering amongst average citizens sitting behind keyboards:

“You’re the Nazi!”

“No, you!”

“You hate America!”

“No, you do.”

The Right is demonized as white supremacists, religious nuts, as bigots and fascists. The Left is labeled communist, freeloaders, as treehuggers or anarchists. The Right claims that Antifa and BLM are terrorists, and the Left that the Proud Boys and MAGA are as well. Cities have been rioted, stores looted, and federal buildings have been broken into in an attempt to stop constitutional processes.

“Donald Trump stole the election through Russian interference”

“Joe Biden stole the election through dead voters and fraudulent machines”

My view, and one that I hold strongly, is that the Left vs. Right debate is nothing more than a distraction. A distraction meticulously planned and perpetrated by a select few in this country who know they have everything to lose. I am referring to America’s plutocrat elites.

We live in a nation led by elites who use their wealth to maintain power. Laws are created to ensure that power stays in the hands of those who can pay for it. Corporations are able to lobby to create laws that continue to increase their wealth, at the expense of the average American.

You think you were defrauded during the last elections? You were. Not because of a 3 a.m. dump of votes and not because Russia posted to Facebook, but because you had two plutocrats, hand-picked by a system that could care less about you, placed in front of you and you were told how blessed you are to get to choose. The bickering between Left and Right is nothing more than a scheme to keep you from demanding true freedom, i.e. a system that isn’t rigged against you.

While they may not realize it or admit it, Antifa, BLM, MAGA, and others are all fighting the same fight. They’re kicking against a system that is oppressing them. Wealth disparity is growing at an unsustainable rate, with a sickening majority of wealth sitting in the hands of a very select few, who will stop at nothing to maintain it. People are jobless and homeless while the government dumps trillions into the stock market and into large corporations who overextended themselves paying their CEOs 278 times their average workers’ salary, knowing all the while your tax dollars would pay for it.

I hope we can all step outside our echo chambers and view the big picture. Your friends on the “other side” are your only hope to create the pressure required for real top-down changes.

Kory Crompton


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