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To the editor:

Logan City Council has three candidates for two seats in the upcoming election. Two of the candidates currently serve on City Council, Amy Anderson and Ernesto Lopez. Amy is a seasoned council member and I have a great deal of respect for her because she really listens, she weighs all sides and possibilities, and she is always respectful and responsive. I have seen her shift her view because of new information that was shared from constituents. She truly views her role as representative of the people she serves. Ernesto Lopez is the newest member of City Council, having been chosen by City Council just last year to fill the remainder of Jess Bradfield’s term. There were more than 20 people who applied for the position, including myself, and I vividly recall thinking “they should choose Ernesto” because he was the best choice in terms of his responses to their questions, his residence being on the west side, which needs representation, and his being Latino, which brings representation for our largest minority for the first time. Ernesto has already proven himself to be a dedicated and responsive council member and I think we should allow him the opportunity to continue serving given he is just getting started. The third candidate is Keegan Garity. My observation of Keegan is that he cares about the community deeply just as the other candidates do – you must given the time commitment City Council requires – but having observed all of them, Amy Anderson and Ernesto Lopez are the right choices for the City of Logan.

Katie Lee-Koven,

Logan resident

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