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To the editor:

I was grateful to see Jennifer Sinor's letter to the editor in the Aug. 14 issue of the paper. I have also been sad to see the closure of the North Logan upper canal. I remember several years ago when I could run from Smithfield to North Logan on the beautiful paths adjacent to the canals. It was so upsetting when owners gated access to the upper canal in Smithfield. To see it happen now in North Logan is discouraging. Ms. Sinor pointed out that the canal systems have been a part of this valley for years, long before homes were built bordering them. They provide a natural and logical trail system that is very valuable to our community.

I understand the concerns that homeowners may have. My husband and I purchased a lot that borders a public park, but we built our home knowing that we may have to trade a little bit of privacy for a proximity to a place that would be a beautiful asset to the community.

Property owners that I have spoken with have expressed that they have a problem with ATVs speeding along canal trails, and this is a valid concern. However, I feel strongly that there are options for regulating motorized vehicles while still allowing walkers, runners and bikers to enjoy this incredibly unique trail system that is already in place.

I will be writing to North Logan city officials in support of keeping the upper canal trails open to the public, and I encourage others to do so.

Barbara Corcoran

Hyde Park

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