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To the editor:

Apparently it's acceptable behavior to openly mock and trash Republicans and Trump supporters within our local newspaper, and I think it's time we speak up. "Trump and his minions …” and ”A big reason to not vote Republican …” are a few recent examples I've found.

Even though they are just letters to the editor limited on the length that one can share information, that's precisely what they seem to lack ... information. One can spread their opinions and ill desires for their political counterparts, but what seems to be lacking is truth or any sort of fact to back such claims. I am sure words have been eaten in regards to the whistle blower event and subsequent transcript that was released. Yet again exonerating what is and will prove to be the greatest and least corrupt administration we have ever seen. Contrary to the opinion of the piece.

To the "Reason to not vote,” I have never seen such badly informed statements being professed. I could spend the next several weeks with letters to the editor explaining why and how the statements of "doom that awaits us" and "motivated by greed" are not only incredibly false but incredibly uniformed and vague.

The idea that we have reached an era where common sense is out the window. Where one is told what to think rather than discovering on their own what to believe. Where we smear and defame the ones who oppose us because we don't like what they say. If these beliefs are truly held by those, especially in the community, then offer something better than insult. I can sit here and list out all the reasons Democrats are deranged, hate-filled hypocritical individuals who have done nothing but talk and talk and have never delivered. That Democrats run some of our largest cities and turned them into failed state trash holes. I can say that staying in certain climate agreements would destroy an economy and break us in taxes, all the while letting China and India continue to pollute on levels vastly greater than the U.S. That in fact the U.S. CO2 emissions are some of the lowest, especially now after the leave. I can sit here and tell you that you are wrong on every front and throw mud in your face.

Instead I say bring the better argument. Know what you are saying before making public calls to sway individuals’ votes based on zero fact and only opinion. Perhaps learn truth before you throw out inaccurate accusations and try to defame an entire base. No one wants to hear your uninformed opinion’ but perhaps they would be interested in hearing the truth, something many nowadays seem to lack.

Jeddie Merrill


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