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To the editor:

Is it OK to let teachers have guns in school? I am confident that if teachers were allowed to be armed during school, it would greatly decrease the amount of school shootings that would happen otherwise. Some schools have signs in the front that say, “This is a gun free zone.” If you were a criminal and saw that sign, wouldn’t there be more of a possibility for you to choose that school than if you knew that all of the teachers in that school were armed? Let me tell you, if I was an insane criminal and I saw a sign out front of a school that said “fully armed school” out front, I wouldn’t go near that school.

Now scaring criminals off in the first place isn’t the only reason teachers need guns in school. The main reason is self-defense when a criminal with a gun does come into the school. Let’s say there was a criminal that came into the school with a gun and all of the teachers were armed; the teachers would put an end to him very fast and save countless lives. Now let’s say an armed criminal came into the school and none of the teachers were armed. The teachers would call the cops, and in the meantime be defenseless. The teachers may not even make it to the phone before it was too late. Even if the teacher did make it to the phone right as the criminal entered the school, the cops would take around 3-4 minutes. And every second is more time that the criminal has.

I have talked to a couple local people about teachers having guns in school for self-defense, and most of them said, “I would if I could.” Some say that if America banned guns altogether, it would fix the problem. Drugs are outlawed, but people still get them illegally. Don’t you think the same thing would happen with guns? The criminals would get guns anyway and nobody else would have them.

Obviously, the teachers would need training, and they would have to be very careful on what kind of teachers they hired. Teachers would also have to place their weapons in a very safe place that the students couldn’t access.

I believe that giving teachers guns in school will greatly decrease the amount of school shootings. I also feel that this is the most effective way of doing it. It is extremely displeasing that many people that live in the free country of America are fighting against the Second Amendment and trying to take our right to bear arms away from the people that want to protect their families.

Ethan Erickson


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