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To the editor:

Yes, it is unfortunate for seniors that the once free and now inexpensive toenail care and trimmings are no longer going to be available in Cache Valley. Yes, it is too bad a good thing is likely gone forever. And yes, there is a shortage of people with this skill.

I would like to point out an error in both thinking and attitude that the article brought to light. I find it rather disconcerting. Perhaps the writer of the article should have done a bit of homework on the skill she was writing about as well as the individuals doing the foot care.

The Certified Nursing Assistants that trim old folks’ nails are trained and somewhat skilled for what they are expected to do as CNA’s. Their training is a few months of learning some hands-on skills of bathing, dressing, taking vital signs and caring for people in a care setting. Their care is often of elderly persons. If they are certified, they must pass a test. They are NOT nurses. They have minimal or no schooling in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pain management, chemistry and psychology. They do not have a licensure with the state or a degree from a school of higher learning. They have a certificate.

Nurses, however, have many hours of classes in all of the above courses and many hours of hands on clinical care of real patients under the supervision of more highly skilled nurses with very advanced degrees. For those of us who have dedicated our lives to this career to have the title of nurse be used this way is very honestly disheartening. And yes, we have a shortage if the highly skilled nurses as well. Most nurses are proud of their training and experience and the talent they bring to the profession. Please don’t minimize our contribution to health care.

Pat Sadoski