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To the editor:

In 2009, the Herald Journal ran a headline asking, “Is global warming contributing to Australia fires?” At that time, I shared a response from a friend in Australi …. “No way mate … it is truly pathetic for global warming activists to attempt to gain capital from a national disaster.”

I also shared the following facts: Australians live with the threat of bush fires annually. And since 1860, there have been much larger fires in Australia, in terms of area burned. My point was this. Global warming did not contribute to the Australian fires in 2009, any more than it contributed to the even larger fires recorded over the past 150 years, which obviously predated the politics of global warming.

But Australia is on fire again. And it is worse this time in terms of the human death toll, serious injuries, destruction of property and the awful loss of wildlife. And this time, I have to admit that global warming has contributed to Australia’s national disaster, although not in the sense that climate activists might choose to believe or even acknowledge.

Australia’s left-wing climate lobby lost the 2019 national election, which was billed as a referendum on climate change. As a result, their hysteria reached new heights. They began calling for emergency climate action … claiming that climate change is now reaching the end-game … and calling for an Extinction Rebellion. Such catastrophic claims and calls for drastic action from the climate lobby apparently had an effect. Arson struck Australia at unprecedented levels.

Here are the disturbing facts for 2019: The Australian press has reported the following arrest numbers for arson in just four states: NSW 183, Queensland 101, Victoria 43, Tasmania 5. And that’s just the arrests. Crime statistics suggest that 50% of all bushfires in Australia are set by arsonists. Source: The Australian, Jan. 8, 2020

One national news outlet stated the obvious … arsonists are simply seriously disturbed individuals. But the truth is that many arsonists are seriously disturbed climate activists. And two thirds of Australia’s arsonists are young adults and children … a fact too sickening to contemplate. If even one child was radicalized into criminal action by the false narrative of climate alarmism, the potential backlash of an offended nation, or even one parent, might cause climate alarmists to think carefully … and temper their radical rhetoric.

In 2009, my Australian friend reported, “It is truly pathetic for global warming activists to attempt to gain capital from a national disaster.” In 2020 the message from Australia has changed from “truly pathetic” to “demonstrably dangerous.” It is demonstrably dangerous for climate-change activists to promote climate alarmism and radicalize mentally disturbed individuals … even children. Accountability should be expected.

Tony Wegener


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