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To the editor:

To every American citizen who believes a free country were you can choose who you want to hear online, where you can choose who and what you believe in, even if your views aren’t the same as others’, that’s what living in a free country means! So who in the heck gives anyone the right to silence our President Trump? No one. How dare anyone try to scream lies that he told anyone to break into the Capitol. Listen to what he told his supporters. Why when the BLM and Antifa were burning down businesses and attacking white people and taking over city blocks, why were they not being called terrorists and why were they, the left not screaming out this is not peaceful protesters but dangerous out of control rioters and extremists?

The censorship and silencing from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and then Google and Amazon going after platforms that allow free speech and none is speaking out — are you kidding me? Do you want to be like China where everything you think or say is watched and where you no longer can have free will or free thought? Well my rights came from my creator God and no government can take them away. What is happening to our free speech? None should be able to silence our president or anyone who believes in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, no matter what!

I am sick that my freedom my thought and who I choose to listen to hear is no longer allowed. I am not a dangerous person like Biden has falsely said about Trump supporters. How dare he attack us when we are peaceful and BLM and Antifa are grossly dangerous, America wake up. Our country is about to become very dark unless you wake up to keep your freedom to speak out, your freedom of religion. No one should be censored, and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should be in jail, their companies shut down! Give me liberty or give me death. I would rather die fighting for you, my family, friends and those yet to be born, than do nothing and see them live in a country of tyranny. I will fight to defend this for us! This does not make me or anyone who thinks like me a dangerous individual! Having conservatives’ platforms being shut down totally wrong!

Tracy Nilson


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