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To the editor:

Before we vote in just over 100 days, let’s forget about a few things, OK maybe more than a few things; Let’s take our Clorox tablet and turn on the UV light and begin by forgetting the pandemic because obviously the Grifter has. It’s just a racist flu that’s going away any day. Let’s forget about tear gassing people just to stand in front of a church one doesn’t attend to stare at a Bible like a monkey staring at a chessboard. Let’s forget kids in cages, paying off porn stars, where one might like to grab women, the loss of respect and trust amongst allied nation’s, firing IG’s who raise concerns, using the DOJ and sycophant Bill Barr to protect oneself, being the least racist race baiter ever, the fraud, bankruptcies and those taxes which are apparently under the longest IRS audit ever known to mankind. The list of things to try to forget is so head spinning long, how did we ever get here and how did he ever get there?

Admiral Yamamoto was more than a stable genius military leader who masterminded one of the greatest surprise attacks in history in Pearl Harbor. Erwin Rommel, “the Desert Fox,” was recognized by his opponents for his unparalleled military prowess. He was unfortunately also a Nazi. We have not named anything after them nor do we have statues celebrating them. Perhaps the Grifter thinks we should?

The Grifter ridicules our own modern-day military heroes as “losers.” McCain, Powell, Mattis, Kelly. He wants to free a national security threat, Flynn, and continue to honor Benning, Bragg, Hood and other confederate traitors who took up arms against their own country in their fight to continue slavery, which they lost. Losers!

Perhaps the Grifter can appoint Jared to head a committee to search for the records of all the people who ever attended military school but then were able to avoid actual military service to their country thanks to Daddy’s silver spoon.

We can build statues for all of them or name sections of VA medical centers in their honor. Welcome to the Veteran Administration Bonespur Memorial Wing. Maybe it will be a place where we can go to try and forget things, specifically the last four years.

Tod Goodwin


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