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To the editor:

Who-rah for “Bozo” Biden for killing tens of thousands of good paying jobs in the energy sector on day one. As I predicted, fuel prices are on the rise. I guess Bozo can now divert already allocated wall money and give it to Dr. “YoYo” Fauci to find a way to harvest the COVID-19 and attach it to a solar panel in order to operate the rubber band being installed on “Marine-One” helicopter. I’m sure that would appease Crazy AOC and John Kerry’s idea of the Green New Deal.

Dr. YoYo appears to change his mind on 19 more than a change of underwear. One can clearly see he is controlled by the “Job Killers” now residing in the Oval Office. By the way,the propaganda media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) are going Lady GaGa over the two dogs and a cat now in the White House. One must be a lap dog named “Mutt” (after Romney).

The COVID is here and now on the decline in most states, including Utah, so why not do away with the China made masks that may be laced enough to keep us sick and in fear. Gov. Cox needs to take pages from South Dakota, Florida, Iowa, and Texas and quit playing the game.

Reflect on President Trump’s question during his campaign speech to minority groups. He asked “What have you good folks got to lose by voting for me?” They did and their lives were greatly improved over decades of voting for the Dems who kept them under their thumbs.

The question I have to you is, “If we get rid of the China/Biden COVID condoms, what do we have to lose?” Those states that have allowed their citizens free agency to wear or not to wear are doing just fine. Those of us who have other underlying noncontagious heath issues have a hard time wearing masks.

Biden is so incompetent he probably couldn’t set a mousetrap without getting in it himself. It’s clear he suffers from C.R.S. — can’t remember stuff (substitute word). That’s exactly what “Kooky” Harris and Pampous Pelosi want so they can take over.

Harris is the shady one we really need to keep a close eye on. She’s the real danger to our democracy

Russ Larsen


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