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To the editor:

Two mass shootings the weekend of Aug. 3 left friends, families and communities forever changed. Everyone knows these were senseless crimes that never should have taken place.

To blame President Trump is total nonsense. Stricter gun laws would not have prevented them. Vigilance on the part of each of us may have.

The spurious left-wing news failed to report that the cities of Chicago, Baltimore and others all recorded over 50 shootings each resulting in multiple deaths. Los Angeles had over 10 stabbings resulting in many deaths on top of shootings. All of those cities are “sanctuary” havens overseen by corrupt left-wing politicians.

The cesspool of “fake news” and crooked politicians are the ones that allow such activities to continue to happen daily, not the president. That same weekend, a bunch of impish losers staged a protest in from of Sen. McConnell’s home chanting “Stab him in the heart.” Those knotheads should all have been arrested and charged with threatening a government official with his life.

I must say that I’m not a big fan of the senator. However, that’s over the top. It’s people like them and the “fake news” that are fostering hate and discontent in our country, not President Trump.

Quoting from the 1973 John Wayne movie “Cahill, U.S. Marshal,” the Duke said, “There is no excuse for negligence and no excuse for not doing your job.”

The negligent lefties, Nadler, Schumer, Schiff, Warren, etc., have done nothing for you the last two years except spend your tax dollars only to chase their own tails while all the time collecting a paycheck out of your wallet and not accomplishing a thing. (Except foster hate.)

Those running for the presidency should have to forego their salaries until November 2020 elections. At least President Trump donates his salary.

The now hot topic is the “Red Flag Law” proposal which is the first step to dismantling the Second Amendment. This law idea is just another left-wing ploy to destroy our democracy. We cannot allow that to happen.

I must once again make referral to their mascot symbol, a jackass. The criminals will always find ways to get guns. Harsher laws will only punish law-abiding citizens. Therefore, the misled lefties are “passing the gas” that hurts this country instead of improving it.

Russ Larsen