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To the editor:

I’ve came upon the article about the City Council meeting regarding Councilman Bradfield’s presentation. I was there at that meeting for my school responsibilities, and come to my shock some of the data/important talking points that Bradfield presented were not published. Data like, since at-large council seats were established, only 1-2 of the seats were occupied by members living on Logan’s west side while the majority of the seats were occupied by members living on the east side of town. Other data such as the costs of a city-wide election which is up to $5,000 in just materials puts residents who would like to run in a very hard predicament. Some argue, specifically Chairwomen Jeannie Simmonds, that it’s free to declare, but what she is forgetting is the costs of running a campaign. With the cost so high it only makes sense that candidates with higher incomes would run and candidates would then be coming from wealthier neighborhoods. Councilman Bradford’s idea to combat this disproportionate representation is to bring back voting districts. He proposed not one but two ideas. One consisting of two council seats being from the west side, two from the east side and one at large bid. The other idea was City Council districts be split up through elementary school boundaries with Bridger and Ellis sharing a district. Both ideas make logical sense. Equal representation is the main reason why the founding fathers left Britain. We need proportional representation and currently we don’t, and that needs to change.

Bryson Behm


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